Thursday, October 25, 2012

Catching Up with the List Journal Project: Part 1

When I read that the incomparable Tammy from Daisy Yellow and the uber-inspiring Hanna from iHanna (what a super duo!) were collaborating on list journals, I had to play along!  The set-up is simple: each Saturday these two ladies post a list prompt on their respective blogs and show how they responded to the prompt.  Today and tomorrow, I'll be posting the pages I've made in response to the prompts so far.  Now that I'm all caught up, I'll be able to post one new page a week as the prompts are revealed on Saturdays.  Please note that the prompts are just suggestions; I twisted a few of them to suit my personal interests... 

My "List Journal" cover

Prompt: Favorite Things About a Season of My Choosing
Prompt: Books I've Read
Prompt: Places I'd Like to Travel to


  1. LOVE your journal Michelle! The beautiful colours, the format, the lists! These makes me happy, and inspire me right back. Thanks for joining and making this even more fun!

  2. Michelle, How wonderfully yummy! I love your lists, love that you are playing along, and love your twist and perspective on the respective lists. Thank you!!!

  3. Michelle, How wonderful that you are playing along with the list challenge. I love your yummy journal, your twist and perspective on the respective lists, and your varied numbers and use of postage stamps in your journaling. Good stuff!

  4. Great pages, I love your journals!

  5. Can you show us the process of how you make your awesome backgrounds??

  6. uh, I love the page with tha stamps :)
    I recognized a stamp I used whn I was a child (I'm italian)

  7. I had to laugh when I saw that you had joined this group--such a great match!! Love your journal pages, esp. the cartoon you used in "Places to (re)visit. Every single page is luscious with color and so artfully done! XO Ellen

  8. Well, I must admit that it is the first time I know that there is a thing called as list journal. Actually, I have made many of such journal, but in my Excel or just on blank A4 papers. I think I should immediately go to local store to obtain such beautiful book.

    Cheers from Indonesia (sorry for my bad English)

  9. Love your journal and the colors and the lists and everything! Thanks for the inspiration. I visited you via!


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