A Peek at Recent Journaling

It occurred to me that I haven't shown any journal work in a long while so I thought I'd post a few spreads from my current "Daily Diary" journal.  This is my third Full Tilt Boogie journal and I think that this particular volume will last me through the end of December.  I work in this book every day, sometimes setting up many days in advance so I can just open it up in the morning and start writing.

For the month of October, I'm trying to use up (or at least dent) all the uber-cool Halloween papers and goodies I've collected over the years.  Ironically, I've actually been trying to use less scrapbooking papers and ready-made embellishments in my journals but I have amassed quite a stash and frankly, some of it is sooo adorable, I just can't resist!

However, I have been attempting to add in more of my own lettering and illustrations and you can see evidence of that in these pages: hand-drawn numbers & frames, a carved stamp, and a doodled Frankenstein.  In this particular journal, I end up trying to strike a balance between pre-made additions and imagery generated by my own hand. 


sharon said…
You are always amazing and an inspiration Michelle! Your journal is fab...love it!