In Spite of Everything (And Because of It), I Paint

I've lost a lot of working time in the last few months to illnesses and recovery time but bit by bit, I've been working on pieces for my show, The Motley Menagerie, that hangs on October 1st.  I certainly don't have as many canvases as I had dreamed but, given everything, I do have more than I hoped.

I also have eight older works to add into this mix so the walls won't be overwhelmingly bare.  I do have a couple more days to work (and possibly two more weeks if I hang more before the opening.)  So far, I am loving this collection, particularly because these pieces represent a fight to triumph over adversity.  In spite of everything (and because of it), I paint and I heal.


Cynthia said…
Love the colors, love the subjects, LOVE that art is healing you.