Out of the Journal, On to Canvas & Into A Show

This is my nemesis: a huge pile of over 150 blank canvases lurking in a corner of my downstairs studio, waiting to be brought to life.  Truth be told, there are canvases all over the apartment in varying stages of completeness.  I have another art show in October and as the last month of summer begins, I find myself (yet again) in a mad scramble to get enough pieces done.  (The venue is really waay too big for how slow I work but it is a sweet booking and I can't ever seem to turn it down.)  I worked on a few canvases the last part of May but June & July were really all about the Index-Card-a-Day challenge and catching my breath after the chaos of the school year.  Well, rest time is over and it's time to throw my paintbrushes into high gear.

To this end, I am participating in another online challenge that dovetails nicely with the work ahead.  I joined Dina Wakely's Out of the Journal challenge last summer and it was instrumental in helping me complete canvases for last October's show.  Dina's guidelines are very simple: one canvas a week in August (doesn't have to be completed, just worked on) and link up your efforts when Dina puts out a call for your work.  

I'll be aiming for a hell of a lot more than a single canvas a week because I'm a crazy person and, at this point, I have no choice.  If you are playing along in this challenge and you have no pressing deadline that calls for stacks of finished canvases, do yourself a favor and take the leisurely route Dina prescribes!  Get a blank canvas - any size - and just start splashing on some paint.  Stencil, stamp, doodle, draw, swish on some more paint and just allow yourself to play.  Take some of those techniques you usually reserve for your journals and see how they translate to a larger scale.  Have fun!  I'll be doing that too, albeit with more frenzy and panic thrown in just for kicks.  As with ICAD, I'm going to post on my progress with this challenge on Wednesdays and Sundays barring any circumstances out of my control.  I hope you'll join me!