Monday, August 6, 2012

Off & Running Out of the Journal

There's a scant two months before my October show and the Out of the Journal challenge has helped me step away from my beloved, no-pressure journals and into the stacks of blank canvases waiting ever so patiently to be brought to life.

still untitled; molding paste & acrylics
I live in a buzzing artist mecca here in extreme northern California.  Almost every city in the county has a monthly art night showcasing local artists in local businesses.  It is a win-win for everyone: the artists get regular exposure and opportunity for sales and the businesses get to increase foot traffic to their stores.  My town hosts their art night on the second Friday of the month.  (The art is up for the entire month but that Friday evening is deemed the "official" opening.)  Typically, I book shows far in advance; for example, a show for October 2013 was booked in October 2011.  Originally, this particular store had no openings for 2012 but then, in late April, someone cancelled and I was asked if I wanted to show this October.  "Of course!" I replied, not bothering to consider the time constraint I would be facing.  That time constraint became narrower and narrower as I basically took June & July off so I could catch my breath in the wake of a busy school year.

detail of still untitled painting
However, the paint is flying now thanks to the motivation of Dina's challenge.  I have a few pieces already completed but I'm aiming to complete at least 50 by the end of September.  (This venue could easily hold 75 small to medium-sized works.)  I'm an incredibly slow painter so it's a miracle if I get 25 pieces finished.  It never hurts to be ambitious though and one of these times, I will manage to fill the store with my work!

This time around, I'm deviating from my usual modus operandi: in the past, I have chosen a specific theme (i.e. birds) and then executed each canvas according to a very specific set of techniques.  It gives the show a lot of cohesion.  However, as I said, I'm ditching the usual plan and tackling my show theme in a wide variety of styles.  In addition, for the first time, I'll be mixing old and new work.

In the last six days, in addition to this crane painting, I've managed to prep the backgrounds for three other pieces.  I'll be working on bringing those to completion over the next few days.  Well, enough rambling...I've got to get back to it!


  1. BEAUTIFUL artwork, absolutely stunning! Good luck with getting your pieces finished for the show......

  2. What a wonderful opportunity! I so wish I lived in an area like yours, where it's so common to find places eager to show and sell artwork. In my corner of Wisconsin, I know of just one gallery co-op that welcomes mixed-media.

  3. Stunning, I love it!!

  4. That is one fabulous canvas! Love the big guy, and the background too. Good luck preparing for the show.

  5. Wow your canvas is so beautiful... good luck with the show :)


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