The Strata of My Life

Just in case everyone is getting weary of index card art (what an absurd notion! lol), I'm switching gears for a few days and featuring some recent journal pages.  I think most of my initial following arrived here at Lost Coast Post because of my journal page postings but it dawned on me that I haven't shown any journaling work in quite a while.  I journal every day so it isn't that I don't have stuff to share.  In reality, I was feeling tired of sharing my pages.  When I began this blog, I posted virtually every single page I completed.  However, I journal for me and I began to feel like sharing absolutely every thing I created took a bit of power away from the finished product.  I take time now to live with my creations, to appreciate the messages they reveal, to reflect on lessons learned, and to let the work evolve as it desires without the added pressure of wondering whether the Internet world will like it, judge it, copy it, pin it, comment on it and so on.  The minute I give any of those thoughts the time of day, I lose sight of why I journal in the first place.

Anyway, inspired by this post over at Daisy Yellow, I begin my recent journaling-in-review with this photo of the edges of a journal I'm very close to completing.  I was instantly attracted to this journal's rough deckle pages but was concerned that the paper wouldn't hold up under rigorous painting.  In fact, quite the opposite happened as this is probably one of my all-time favorite journals for heavily painted pages.  Once a coat of acrylic is applied to these heavyweight handmade pages, the page seems practically bulletproof.  And of course, the edges become even more yummy as a rainbow of color is added!  This photo reveals the strata of my life as captured in a journal.  Tomorrow we'll begin a wee peek at the layers I've added most recently.


Daisy Yellow said…
Yummy, delicious edges. I love that the journal you thought might not hold up to intense paint-action indeed exceeded your expectations. You never know! Cheers for the drippy edges.