Sunday Check-In: ICAD 28-31

Here's my index card art to finish up the month of June and begin July.  Just 30 more cards to go!  This quartet of cards is all over the map in terms of subject and technique.  Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to work with some sort of central theme.  However, there are plenty of days when I am thankful I am allowing myself to play & experiment with whatever inspiration strikes each time I begin a new card.

I contemplated ending my participation in this challenge with the conclusion of June (among other things I have a huge show to prepare for before the chaos of a new school year begins) but I am plunging ahead, hoping that I'll reach July 31 with a nice little stack of 61 artful index cards.  I survived the first 31; how hard can 30 more be?! 


Natasha said…
I LOVE THE BIKE! :) And your other cards as well. I am glad I made it to the start of July. Will be very glad to have my stack of 61! :) Good luck with your show.