Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Short & Sweet

Journal page from June 19, 2012
My 43rd birthday is less than a week away and this is the time of year that I review my New Year's resolutions, assess how I'm progressing and make any necessary adjustments or additions.  It can all get very serious and analytical but really, everything can be boiled down to a few simple declarations.  This journal page features one of those short and sweet statements I'm trying to live by...

[Journal page created with acrylic layers, copy of previous journal page, stamping, rub-ons...]


  1. Lovely page, Michelle! It's intriguing to look into this piece and try to see how all the many layers came together! Also, what a wonderful idea to revisit New Year's Resolutions at this time of year! They're so easy to forget in the rush of daily life, and as the months pass it's great to check up on how they're coming along!:-)

  2. I truly love this journal page. Makes me want to reach right in and touch it....I love all of the texture, and such gorgeous colors. Happy almost birthday to you!!!


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