Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mid-Week Check-In: ICAD 39-41

For the first time in the course of the Index-Card-a-Day challenge, I got behind as a perfect storm of obstacles to art-making swirled through the studio.  Four days of migraines, a strained back, household chores, and foggy fibro brain slammed me from last Saturday onward and I simply had no fuel in the tank for anything but survival.  However, I've dug in my heels for this challenge and the end (and victory) is in sight, so whenever I had a moment of clear thought and burst of energy, I sat down with my shrinking stack of unfinished index cards.

Due to my cranky back, I wasn't too keen on moving around much so as I worked to catch up on my cards, I used only what I could reach on my studio table.  The first card utilized handmade paper scraps left over from a journal-making session, the middle card features a quote currently hanging in the studio, and the last card was inspired by some Pam Garrison wrapping paper that is occupying about three-quarters of my work space (also due to journal construction.)

These aren't my most composed or artistic cards but they represent a triumph over the adversity that visits on a regular basis and because of that, I think they're pretty grand.  Just 20 cards to go! 


  1. These are some very colourful cards! They look very bright and cheerful. I am especially fond of the layered papers in the first card, but the other two are great as well. I love the quote in the second card. It is much better to be known for what we have created than for what possessions we own.

  2. Those paper strips in the first card are so pretty, and I like your Pam Garrison-inspired illustration as well.

  3. You make lovely ICAD's! Very colorful! I'm also heaving fibro and understand about not having fuel in the tank for anything but survival. Going through a period like that myself at the moment! I'm a week behind with this challenge but am determined to make all 61 cards, even if it takes up a longer period of time! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. your cards came out gorgeous! hope you are feeling much better...

  5. I love the vibrancy of your cards. The last card is spectacular! :)


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