2012 ICAD Mission Accomplished!

I absolutely cannot believe that I managed to complete this challenge!  Two months and 61 pieces of index card art later, I am relieved, proud, and energized.  With all the daily life challenges I already tackle, I am extremely selective about additional projects that I add to my already overflowing schedule.  Tammy's Index-Card-a-Day challenge via her outstanding blog, Daisy Yellow, is something I attempted last summer but failed to complete.  However, in the 20 days of participation I managed for ICAD 2011, a passionate daily drawing habit [re]emerged and it is something that continues to blossom and transform into new, exciting avenues of exploration.

Between my daily sketching and daily journaling, I already have a pretty fierce & consistent art routine.  So why did I join ICAD this summer?  Quite simply, I wanted to finish what I started.  I'm not always very good at doing that, for reasons unavoidable and otherwise.  Sometimes I don't finish something because life gets in the way and I'm forced to ruthlessly prioritize to survive.  Other times, I just lose interest, motivation, or inspiration.  This time around, ICAD 2012 was about reminding myself that I can overcome the obstacles that never seem to quit coming at me. 

I poured my heart into this project, especially when days were tough.  The key to finishing was not getting behind and in fact, staying ahead.  I prepped the card backgrounds in advance and made little piles of inspirational images & scraps.  I wrote down Tammy's prompts every Friday.  Generally speaking, I didn't use the prompts very often but when I did, I mixed & matched to my liking.  I didn't impose any more rules on myself than were already built into the challenge and (*gasp*) I even learned to love making art on flimsy index card paper (especially gridded cards!)

My cards are all over the place in terms of theme but when viewed as a complete set, consistencies in technique and palette become clear.  There were definitely days when I was just trying to get the damn cards finished and days where I played and played, discovering things I'll definitely use in future projects. 

You can view the entire set of my 2012 index cards at my Flickr photostream.  I want to thank Tammy of Daisy Yellow for all the time, organization, energy, encouragement, and inspiration she put into this challenge.  What an amazing amount of work!  Bravo!  Thank you to everyone who commented on my cards here & at Flickr and thank you to all who played along with ICAD and shared their incredible cards.  Your perserverance and creativity inspired me!

Believe it or not, tomorrow I'm moving on to another challenge!  Check back for all the details!


Snap said…
These are all lovely, Michelle. I finished,too. I thought I should write a big THE END on my final card, but I didn't! :D :D Now I'm taking on the challenge of the August Break ... perhaps a photo a day, or every other day or once a week or not at all! :D
Sarah said…
yay!!! well done!!!

I know you have found it a struggle - I have too for the last couple of weeks but am determined to finish, I only have one more to go :)
gem said…
Congrats, that's a wonderful post about a very pride worthy project completion. I started the project myself, fully energized and determined to do the entire 61 days, and - just abruptly quit before the end of June. [see your paragraph 2 - yup.] So I get it, what your saying - on both counts! And GOOD JOB! your cards are lovely & inspiring - both individually, and as a whole :)

xox gem
Heather said…
Congratulations on completing ICAD! And your last set of cards are gorgeous - very multilayered and colourful. I especially like the ones with the quotes on them and the word "believe" - I think those are very suitable for the attitude that you need to be successful with ICAD. Just believe that you can do it and press on, day after day. I also have not always been very good at finishing things that I start, but after completing all 61 cards for ICAD, I am now believing that, yes, it is possible!
edyB said…
I am so inspired by your work! I didn't find out about ICAD until late in July, but I did jump in with a few. Somewhere in me is a little bit of an artist. I've always loved playing with art ~ love all the supplies! 8-)
Most of my creative side is used in stitching everything from quilts to tiny bits ~ machine and hand work including embroidery.
Anywhoooo ~ Loved looking thru all of your cards and congrats for going the entire way! Good for you!
Lots of beauty in your pieces!
Andria said…
Congratulations on finishing the challenge this time around! Your backgrounds are beautiful...I like the idea of creating several ahead of time, and then just picking something to suit my fancy each day to add to. Perhaps an approach for next time! The butterfly card with the fortune on it is beautiful!
Natasha said…
I failed last year as well, and I am super pleased that I completed the challenge this year. A huge sense of accomplishment to be sure. I love looking through my 61. I remember strongly the feelings that went with some of them.

I love your use of colour and pattern. They are stunning!
Lorinda.C.F said…
A huge congratulations on finishing!! Your cards are simply wonderful. I just love your colors (and great quotes). You should be incredibly proud. xx
JanR said…
Incredible cards! I'm loving the believe one. Congrats on seeing it through!
gypsy said…
Just linked here from the DY FB Group. Great wrap-up and wonderful inspiration for ICAD 2013.