Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Check-In: ICAD 21-24

Here's my index card art for the last four days.  I still feel like I'm struggling a bit with inspiration but certainly less than last week.  Speaking of inspiration, Tammy's mosaic journal pages over at Daisy Yellow prompted my card for this past Thursday.  I've been working a lot lately with color copies of old journal pages which provide an awesome level of richness to my collage work.  (I was so excited by Tammy's work that I tried it in one of my journals as well!)  And then, on Friday, I turned 180 degrees towards the more abstract and graphical look.  Sometimes...OK, a lot of times...I get preoccupied with making something that looks like something and it is nice to give myself permission to just play around with geometrics.
Saturday and Sunday, I was super caught up in other art projects and honestly wasn't willing to tear myself away for a long, involved index masterpiece (they needn't be that anyway) so I grabbed cards from my stack of pre-painted backgrounds and cranked out a couple of cards really quickly - no complex collage layers or cut-and-paste affirmational phrases - just bold, bright color with simple stamping or doodling.  And I'm so glad I did that because the neighborhood index card sparked fresh ideas for using all those house stamps I carved a while back.  Can't wait to explore that concept some more! 


  1. Love the color in your ICADs. Your house stamps are great. I'm beginning to hit the ICAD wall ....!!!!!! :D :D

  2. You make me want to carve some house stamps, those are just too awesome, I'm drooling over that card!

  3. oh how I love those concentric circles and the color grid behind them. lovelovelove.

  4. I really like the last 2 cards. The house stamp card is just awesome!


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