Sunday Check-In: ICAD 14-17

Today's wildly varied index cards (from Thursday Jun 14 through Sunday June 17), offer a little snapshot of my health & inspiration level over the last four days.

The robots arrived on a day with great grip strength, a clear head, and lots of intense focus.  (And really, what is Index-Card-a-Day without a trio of naughty robots!?)

Then, WHAM!  Hello, full-blown migraine and no grip strength and really no desire to do art of any kind (day 15). (Bad grip strength days often follow great grip strength days as I always over do it when the good health fairies align.)  For the butterfly card, I literally did nothing more than glue down a few scraps that had collided on my studio table.  It really helps to have backgrounds already painted.

Yesterday, my grip strength had recovered a bit but I had post-migraine brain which means I was up & moving but sort of foggy and unfocused; hence, the hot mess of an index card that is #16.  I actually hated this card for a while but after some tinkering and time, I kind of like it.

And this Sunday morning we have number 17 which represents my bright hope for a good day and a need to ease into the day's activities so I can get as much done as possible without overdoing it.  I do need to try and get ahead again with the index cards so I can relax on those less-than-stellar days.

My personal policy for coping with chronic illness is to keep pushing forward, no matter how small the steps.  Even when my head is throbbing or my hands are screaming for respite, I take enough time to complete a little something in the studio before giving in to my body's demands.  I never really know from one day to the next how I am going to feel in one body part or another so I constantly adjust my process to squeeze the most I can out of the day's circumstances.  Giving up, or worse, not making an attempt, is not an option.  Please remember, that this how I approach chronic illness.  You always need to do what feels right for you and that will always be the right thing to do.

Take care, loveys!  I'll be back next week with a look at some recent journaling, more index cards, and an in-depth tutorial on working with Letraset's AquaMarkers. 


Anonymous said…
Fantstic robots!!! xox
JoyAnn said…
Cool cards - really like all of them, can't pick a favorite.
Jackie said…
These are so fun, love your collage style
Daisy Yellow said…
A great set! My fav is definitely the robots! Love the details and the diagram-like feel to them. Glad you are playing ICAD this year!