Ding! Ding! Round Two Completed!

Since I took the Full Tilt Boogie journal-making class from Mary Ann Moss last year, I've been working in journals made during that class.  The first journal I finished was fat.  The second one (seen here) that I completed this May is downright unwieldly.  Add to that the fact that I embedded three large, decorative brads in the cover and this was a beast to wrangle every morning I sat down to journal.

But sit down to journal every morning, I did...almost to perfection.  There are 226 days between when I started this journal - October 19, 2011 - and when I finished - May 31, 2012.  I managed to log 212 daily entries.  Working in this "daily diary" format has really become a ritual that I feel compelled to accomplish before I do anything else artful in my studio space.  

I don't write much...maybe two to three inches of thought at most.  I prep each day's section with the date and some scrapbook paper for the background.  For whatever reason, this art journal ended up with a lot more journaling than art and I'm going to try and push my next volume back towards a more visual emphasis: more doodling, more photographs, more painting and so on.  Hopefully, I can tame the binding bulge the third time around! 


Elizabeth said…
WOW! How amazing does that look(and feel I suspect). I was so inspired by that class that I made too many journals...is that possible. I seem to jump between them as my mood strikes so I have yet to "complete" one.
Congrats to You.
Anonymous said…
This is unbelievably yummy, what a great practice you have, something to be admired. xox
Anonymous said…
I am just doing a marathon watching the videos for this class now (I wasn't aware of Mary Ann Moss last summer, shocking as that may seem), and it is SO MUCH FUN!! Just watching the videos! So today I ended up at a thrift store. No old albums or ledgers but some workable books. I am SO EXCITED! I love the way your book looks and can only hope mine is as hoping as yours looks. Good for you to wrangle your way through it, brads and all.
Dianne said…
Positively gorgeous journal! I've only made one so far from Mary Anne's class, but looking forward to doing (and filling) more!