Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grab Your Khakis & Art Supplies! We're Going on Safari!

Just a couple more weeks, the school year comes to a close and my summer begins!  It is just so hard to find a spare moment for blogging when I'm being pulled in so many different directions.  However, my schedule is gradually opening up and big plans are in the works for this space.  

Last summer, I found it extremely helpful to have a guiding theme for my blog.  In 2011, I did a series of posts called "The Artist's Hand," detailing various ways to impress your own unique mark upon your art. This summer, I'm plotting a brand new adventure...

I invite everyone to join me for Lost Coast Post's "Summer Studio Safari!"  Beginning Monday May 28, I'll be adventuring 'round my studio (and perhaps my charming little hometown,) looking for ways to liven up my art-making with little to zero financial expense.
During the summer months, the free time is plentiful and the pocketbook is bare so I decided to develop a studio "stay-cation" to discover fresh inspiration without the crushing debt a real, out-of-town journey would impose.  I've been brainstorming clever names for different waypoints in my art safari and I am so eager to bring my readers along for the ride.

There's no need to pack your bags or submit to airport patdowns.  Just mark your calendars and get comfy in your studios, big or small.  Perhaps my adventure will inspire you to play along!


  1. Sounds like an adventure. I'm in!

  2. Me too! I'd love to play along and no long travels planned for the summer.


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