Stitch by Stitch, I Shall Persist

Fabric is definitely one of the mediums on the top of my list of "must work with more" for 2012.  However, fabric and I have a funny relationship.  While I do have a twin bed-sized quilt under my belt, I really have done little more with fabric than stash it away.  I've sewn little things here and there and added a piece every now and again to a journal page or two but beyond that...well, I like to look at it and shop for it and horde it.  Oh, and read books about ways to use it.

While I am very comfortable around paper and paint, working with fabric (and patterns and that blasted sewing machine) makes me sweat.  It doesn't come easy so although I've placed my fabric stash front and center in my studio, I haven't done anything with it.  This is the year, folks!

I get emails from the company Quilting Arts. Many times, it is just advertising for new products in their online shop but sometimes, there is a little sewing project and just before Christmas, I received  instructions on how to make this very simple fabric bracelet.  I've been looking for something really light and pretty to adorn my right wrist.  The inevitable comparison of my very prominent zigzag scar to Harry Potter's mark got old about a thousand comments ago so I thought I'd give this little project a whirl.

It took me two days to complete this bracelet.  I'm just super slow when it comes to handwork.  I enjoy it immensely; I find it to be incredibly meditative.  However, having a wrist that doesn't bend makes holding a needle tricky, tiresome business so I have to pace myself.  And for some reason, no matter how simple the instructions, my brain's neurons simply don't fire as fast as they do when I'm manipulating paper and glue.  Sometimes I have to read the same paragraph four or five times before I understand what I'm supposed to do.  Frankly, sewing instructions make me feel stupid. 

I'm going to persist because I really do love the feel of fabric and thread in my hands and I love seeing a project come together into a fun, functional object.  In fact, I promised my son that I would complete a quilt for him by Christmas.  The fabric for his quilt has been sitting in a box in my closet for years.  I even had to change out some of the fabric because he had outgrown the previously chosen motif.  I think if he even sees progress from stacks of fat quarters to quilt top, he'll be thrilled.  Guess I'd better get sewing!


Mandel said…
Hi Michelle,
I love sewing and working with fabrics or yarns in generall a lot!
I am really looking forward to see what you come up with when you use this amazing bundle of fabrics that you have.
I wish you good luck and lots of fun! :)

Mandel :)
sharon said…
That is one great bracelet Michelle! I adore fabric, and your color combinations and pattern is wonderful!