Sketchbook Challenge 2012 Begins

While I did fantastic with last year's Art Journal Every Day challenge, I wasn't nearly as on the ball with The Sketchbook Challenge.  I am continuing my participation in these challenges for 2012 and in the spirit of fresh beginnings, today's post features my first project for the January Sketchbook Challenge theme of "doodling" chosen by the wonderful Diana Trout.

Ever since I took that watercolor class at a local college, I've wanted to expand my use of this incredible medium in my work.  Beginning in February, I'm teaching a semester-long watercolor class of my own to my middle school students so I've been happily reacquainting myself with my paints.

This piece is a multi-layered watercolor monoprint that I then accented with more painting and doodling.  I find that I enjoy watercolor the most when I succumb to the paint's whims, let the colors flow into one another and basically just follow the paint's lead rather than trying to control it.

This is also a perfect example of my new embrace of "slow art" as I have worked on this particular piece for over a week, picking it up when I am otherwise uninspired in the studio or when I need a break from everyday chores.  Each time I approach this piece, I see something new that I can add.  I wonder what it will morph into after a month or so...


sharon said…
It looks great Michelle! I love how it all flows, and your doodling is always impressive!
Hi Michelle,
Just found your blog and love how you use watercolor. Watercolor is a very versatile medium and I'll be watching to see what your painting morphs into. I use watercolor also but in a much different way. I'm a watercolor landscape artist.
Kristin Dudish said…
The colors and the textures of this are wonderful! I love the detailing you've added with black and white pens... It really makes those lush colors pop!