My Steadfast Companion

There's a lot of changes in the works for my 2012 art life but one steady companion that won't disappear is my art journal.  Art journaling is really at the core of my art practice and I worked really hard last year to cement journaling as a daily habit.

There are 214 days total between June and December and in 2011, I managed 145 days of journaling, improving each month until I missed only a single day in November and journaled every single day in December.  Practice makes perfect! 

As I continue to work in my "daily diary," I am feeling a deep desire to go back to other journaling styles I've done in the past.  Sometimes this format feels a bit limiting and some days, I really need some space to stretch my imagination and broaden my impact.  I have plenty of unfinished journals to play in so I'm going to revisit those old friends to find fresh inspiration.


Cynthia said…
Gorgeous page!! LOVE the colors!!
Maria said…
Lovely pages, i started this year for the first time with art-journalling, so far i only have art and no words yet...dont know where to start. Maybe after a while i even have the courage to put some pictures on it on my blog.