Letting the Marker & Mind Wander

Marley Bear is closely supervising my continuing efforts at "slow art" and this month's Sketchbook Challenge of "doodling."  The cool thing about this doodle work is that the brown paper is backed with adhesive so I intend to leverage this doodle into my journals by cutting it into strips and using it as faux washi tape.  Larger pieces can be used as instant borders

I find that I am resisting the idea of "slow art" just a tad because I like the idea of a finished product at the end of a studio session; that certainly makes for more exciting pictures to show on the blog!  However, for me, 2012 is all about embracing the process and using art more as a meditative tool.  So I doodled with a white paint marker in one hand while scritching Marley's head with the other and just let it be.  There's a time and place for focused, goal-oriented productivity, especially if I want to eat and pay bills from time to time.  But there's also a place for accidental discovery and aimless exploration.  The latter is something I have seriously neglected, so much so that my efforts at "letting go" artistically feel forced and awkward.  That's OK though; I'll just keep giving it a go.  I have a feeling that Mr. Bear will be happy to accompany me on my journeys, no matter how long or how far they take me.


Robin said…
This looks gorgeous..I soo soo love it..and the effects on the brown paper are awesome..!
sharon said…
I adore doodling, but like you I am impatient so haven't done it in a loooong time.....but yours is fantastic!
Could you share where you buy adhesive backed paper like that, that is an awesome idea!
Debbie said…
I love your blog. You are so gifted, and I enjoy seeing your work. I too have many different interest, and love using lots of different mediums.