Monday, January 30, 2012

From Destruction Rises Beauty

Last Friday, my high school art students finished the first project in their sculpture unit: deconstructed books.  I picked up a stack of old hardback novels at a local thrift store and turned them over to my students with permission to cut, roll, fold, punch, color, crimp, collage, tear, and glue to their heart's content.  Our first semester was devoted to an in-depth exploration of design elements and principles so after a brief review of balance, emphasis & rhythm, the students were off and running.  They blew me away with their creative vision, problem-solving skills, and ingenuity.  Here's just a couple of the incredible sculptures that resulted:
Malila created a softly-colored rose to bloom out of the center of her book...

Blue layered lots of simple dog-ear folds that lead the eye inward to a origami crane that rises from his book...
Annie has a trio of origami cranes in the center of her book sculpture surrounded by beautifully complex constructions.

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  1. Really beautiful work and so creative - I bet your students had such fun making these!


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