A Fancy Fishy Comes to Life

Up to my elbows in brightly colored tissue and 350 feet of wire as I craft a sample for this Friday's lesson in sculpture for my high school art students.  After a semester of learning and practicing the elements and principles of design, my students are now launching into a semester-long exploration of sculpture.  That fish you see in the middle of my supply-bombed studio table will be completely covered in tissue; I'm about halfway done.  You can't really tell by this photo, but the wire "skeleton" is three-dimensional so when finished, the fish looks like a fancy balloon and in fact, I plan on hanging all the students' fish sculptures from the ceiling at school.  It should make for a unique, colorful, and lively display.


lee said…
i hope that you will show us the finsihed project, and your students work, I wish I was a student in your class