Whole Lot of Everything & A Little Bit of Nothing

Whenever I disappear from the helm of Lost Coast Post, you can be sure it is because I'm busy piloting the ship of my life across wild and crazy seas.  I am going in a thousand different directions but going nowhere fast, doing a whole lot of everything and a little bit of nothing.  I've been fussing over government paperwork and annual inspections, playing in my journals (always!), creating samples for the art classes I teach (sculpture requires A LOT more time devoted to step outs, lesson plans, demos, and examples), prepping canvases for the next show lined up (January), trying to stay warm (what happened to fall?), experimenting in the kitchen (love baking!) and oh yeah, getting my son through the last few hectic & stressful weeks of his third semester of college.  I suspect things will start to slow down in mid-December as schools begin their winter holidays until after the first of 2012.  Until then, I expect to be constantly on the go, physically and mentally.  Stuff is brewing in my brain for this space but there's not too much time right now to devote to my online presence.  So patience, my pretties...it might be a little brief around here for a while.