This Moment is Enough

This recent picture of Mister Marley T. Bear describes my current mood perfectly.  My journals are ever-present as I try to muster enthusiasm for the most exhausting months of the year.  I am easily over-stimulated and whether it is all-caps ads screaming at me on Twitter or crowds of the shopping-obsessed out in the world, I feel both suffocated and inspired, exhausted and energized by the season.

This is also the time of year when I become deeply introspective, thinking on how 2011 measured up to my hopes, goals, and expectations.  I ponder the year to come and think about current paths I will continue to explore, which ones I will abandon, and what new paths I might need to investigate.

But really, I just need to be more like Marley who thinks only about how he can best position his sleepy head so he can watch Mama journal and still be comfy.  He cares not for the spinning world beyond.  He lives in the moment and that is enough.


Snap said…
Marley has the right idea!
Terri Kahrs said…
Awwww . . . . Marly definitely has the right attitude! I, too, have been absent from Blogland for a while. Have been busy with weathering a snowstorm, no electricity for five days, planning surprise B'day party for my husband, etc. ((Sigh!!)) And now it's time for Christmas!!! Holy Cow! I need a few house elves and a few fairies, Me Thinks!!! Sending you much love! ♥ Hugs, Terri xoxo
Jill said…
That is one relaxed cat - we could all do with a bit of that at this time of year.