Wondering What's Next

So my show had its official "opening" last Friday evening and I've been processing and decompressing ever since.  After working so feverishly on one thing for an extended period of time, I typically spend several days regrouping once the object of my focus is complete.

The opening was absolutely lovely and easily one of the best I ever had.  Many of the stores participating in this monthly event also host live music and wine tastings.  I never know who is going to be playing and I was delighted to discover that an amazing, generous, and talented gentleman named Buddy Reed was providing the evening's soundtrack for my art.  His heartfelt blues intertwined beautifully with my work and together they seemed to conjure a bit of magic.  There was wine, spontaneous dancing, excellent discussions of art with people from all walks of life.  I sold about half of my pieces.  I felt like a real, honest-to-goodness artist.  I don't always have an easy time in groups but on this night, I felt comfortable, happy, and proud.

The experience had such an impact that I've been laying low since then, trying to savor the memories while pondering where I go from here.  I think you might be surprised by the answer but that, my dears, is a topic for another day...tomorrow perhaps. 


Terri Kahrs said…
Well, Good For YOU, Michelle!!! All of your hard work and effort payed off wonderfully. So happy to hear about your experience, the evening and the best part . . . . the fact that you sold so many pieces!!! Congratulations on a very successful show!!! Savor each moment and memory!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo
Cynthia said…
YAY!!! I'm so glad to hear your show went so well!! And you ARE a real, honest-to-goodness artist!! =D
Snap said…
Well done, Michelle. Happy to hear your show is a success and YOU had a good time, too!
sharon said…
This is wonderful news Michelle! I am thrilled to hear you sold so many pieces and I know how wonderful it is to have grown up and stimulating conversations! So happy for you!
Congratulations on your success. For selling so much, enjoying yourself and realising that you are already an artist. You deserve it after all your hard work.