It is Time to Take the Paths Less Traveled

My first little clay sculpture in several years...
I've spent my studio time in the last week doing more quiet contemplation than actual artwork.  Maybe it is the onset of fall or maybe it is the temporary lull in work for outside projects...whatever the reason, I've been busy pondering instead of painting.  Big changes are ahead.  Or maybe I should say "additions" because I don't intend to abandon my current mediums, techniques, and topics.  However, it is time to experiment in some areas that I've had on my "To Try" list for a very long time.  Perhaps, in time, these new fascinations will completely replace my current loves; maybe I'll just play around for a while and decide I've had enough.  I'm not really sure but I do know a few very specifc things have been pulling on my subconscious for a while and I feel ready for something new.  It is time to step off the well-worn path and explore the waiting wilderness.

Here's 4 ways my focus is going to shift in the coming year:
  1. SOFT - I've been working happily with paper & collage for a long while.  It is time to get serious about fabric.  I want to make soft things for family, functional and/or fun.  I want to dive into my fabric stash and see what develops.
  2. SLOW - I need at least a couple of "slow art" projects, things that I can work on here & there, little by little with no pressure and no rush.  I want to slow my roll and use art more meditatively.  Luckily, fabric projects are perfect to satisfy this goal.
  3. 3-D - When I first started pursuing my art degree, I created a lot of polymer clay jewelry and artist's books.  I'm ready to take a break from flat.  Small sculptures from fabric (see #1), clay, found objects, a return to handmade books, silly crafts to decorate my home...I feel the need to expand beyond my box.
  4. FICTIONAL -  This is really the thread that will run through all of my new pursuits.  I've spent years doing "observational" art.  Look at something and draw it.  (I spent years doing scientific illustration.)  Record the events of my day in a journal.  Most of what I've done has been anchored in the real world.  However, it is time to dive a bit deeper and see what lies in my imagination.  There are stories to be told.  Characters to birth.  For the most part, I've kept the full scope of my imagination under lock and key, afraid that my artistic abilities wouldn't be able to keep up.  But I realized that I have to start somewhere and really, truly, things you are fear are often exactly the things you need to pursue.  


Cynthia said…
I can't wait to see what you create next!!
sharon said…
I am sure whatever you choose it will be awesome! Your work always allows your personality to shine through, and a new medium sounds exciting. I love going between jewelry and fabric, it gives me enough of a diversion, and I so love textiles! Can't wait Michelle!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful new place you are at in your artistic life!
I am sure that you will find this to be an amazing journey!
Enjoy it! :-)
Daisy Yellow said…
Experiments and adventures are wonderful! I think it's cool to work in lots of mediums - jumping between - finding just the right project for different times of day + life. Best wishes!