Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Even When Grounded, I Make Pigs Fly

Some days my hands (and my fused right wrist in particular) become very tender and tempermental but because I like to keep moving forward in some way each and every day, I try to find something to do in the studio anyway.  Today, that "something" happened to be cartooning and Inktense pencils.  This is just a bit of fooling around in one of my sketchbooks while watching Halloween movies.  I don't have any specific project in mind, no deadline to meet.  Throughout the day, I revisit this one page, making small additions as my hands permit.  It makes for a delightfully low key day and I feel like I have rested my hands while still accomplishing something artful.


  1. I love how all your animals have such great personalities! Those sunglasses give the bird such an attitude of coolness! Love it!! =D

  2. I love your page! The cartoons are wonderful.

  3. Love your whimsical drawings. Nice you can just 'play' now and then. I want to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions about pinterest and copyright. Donna

  4. That's a wonderful way to play. :9Beautiful sketches! I hope your hand feels better soon.

  5. Great blog- love your work and am now your newest follower (in Spain)
    :) Leigh (rubybarr.blogspot.com)


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