Pushing Pause by Letting Go

This has been a crazy busy week with my son's college starting up again and it is taking me a bit to adjust the new schedule.  My teaching gig starts up next Friday and I'm barreling towards that at warp speed while trying to juggle all my current commitments.  This is simply the way it is this time of year and there won't really be a true pause in the action until Thanksgiving.

Amid all this wildness, I've felt a distinct urge to just stop and take a breath:  No art for the show, no lesson planning, no payday errands, no paperwork or organizing or driving.  That's not really a practical option so I decided to push that "Pause" button by letting go on canvas.  You last saw this canvas in this post I wrote on failure and this is where it's at today.  

It actually takes a bit of effort to ignore my monkey mind and just focus on the swish of the brush and the random blending of paint but once I get into that space, even just for a moment, the world stops spinning and I am still.  It is a lovely tactic and I've been trying to squeeze in a little time with this canvas each day this week.


Unknown said…
I totally agree with you! When you are in a 'spin' the brush and canvas are a great place to get away from it all. Glad you are able to go there for some respite. Love what is happening on your canvas. Donna