Monday, September 19, 2011

Fly Away Home

mixed media on canvas; 24" x 24"
Frantic work continues on canvases for my latest show due to hang October 1st.  I have about 15 pieces to complete in 12 days so from now, until I have to load the work into the car, I'll have my head down in the studio trying to get things done.

I try not to play favorites with my work but I seriously love how this flying egret turned out.  For some reason, I always throw a couple red, black, and white pieces into my mostly rainbow-colored show and they are typically the first to sell.  (I'm currently having a love affair with Payne's gray so there's a splash or two of that in this piece.)  I'll have a hard time letting go of this one.


  1. LOVE the colors and the movement in this one!!

  2. Oh wow this is a fantastic piece of art Michelle, no wonder you don't want to part with it. x

  3. I adore this Michelle! The movement, the layering, and the transparency of this piece is incredible!

  4. It would be so difficult for me to pick a favorite. I must say, the little quails hit a spot in my heart. Your show is going to be spectacular, Michelle. Be prepared to sell out! Donna

  5. There is so much movement in this one. Love the detail on the wings and body. Superb!

  6. I agree with you- this is a winner! Patsy from


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