Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Round of Boogie Completed!

BEFORE picture - begun June 18, 2011
No matter how busy I get, I always try to make time for my journaling practice (which is something separate from my sketchbook-keeping.)  This summer I had the opportunity to take a lovely class from the incomparable Mary Ann Moss of Dispatch from LA.  Full Tilt Boogie rocked my journaling world and today, I'm happy to announce that my first journal produced for that class is full and finished, bursting (quite literally!) with hopes, dreams, lists, observations, pictures, collage, and daily musings.  In the "after" picture, you can see that when I say it is full, I mean it!  No matter what I fasten around its girth, it doesn't close anymore than that!

AFTER picture - completed September 22, 2011
I've always tended to compartmentalize my journaling but this class pushed me to try the "kitchen sink" theory in which everything gets stuffed into one journal.  I really love this style of journaling as the very format forced me to loosen up and adapt to each different page size and background.  I definitely will continue to keep this type of journal for my "daily diary" practice and happily, I already have new journals waiting on the shelf.  However, I want to continue explorations in the other journals I have started as I did miss the focus and boundaries provided by a themed or style-specific journal.

My next big experiment will be to try the FTB-style journal with a fictional focus.  I have several creative writing projects floating around my brain that have long been neglected and I think perhaps that it would interesting to develop a set of characters and their stories in this mish-mash, bits & pieces, wandering style.


  1. This is one happy journal!

  2. Wonderful and looks so FULL and JUICY. I just completed my first FTB journal too. 110 pages in all! I won't be making so many signatures in future journals. I had Grafitti as my theme and had such fun bastardizing and vandalizing OTHER artist's work. Liberating. It is my first visual journal and quite a challenge for me but now I can't imagine NOT doing one. Who knew?

    I enjoy following your interesting blog and learn from what you so generously share. Continued success with anything/all things you do.

  3. Simply Fabulous!!!

  4. Looks like your journal is chock full of interesting stuff, and I love how it's to chubby to be tamed with a closure! The outside is really inviting -- I'd love to see some of the inside pages! Fun class, isn't it? I'm slow to finish my books, but enjoying the process.

  5. Beautiful! (And now I feel a little better about my still-unfinished first FTB journal. Where did the summer go?)

  6. Great looking journal. I especially like the cover. Whenever I see a big old fat journal like this, I just wanna grab it and sit down in a comfy chair with a mocha and look thru it for hours.

  7. Wow! What an amazing book. I can only imagine how amazing it must look on the inside. Having a fictional focus for your future journal sounds interesting!

  8. This is a very YUMMY looking journal! Nice job! :-)


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