Busy, Busy, Busy

A quickie blog post as the oven buzzer is about to ring and my son needs the computer to write an essay:  Specimen number 17B is almost complete and that means I just have 17 more canvases to complete in 17 days.  Hmmm...the math isn't in my favor but I'm going to give it my best shot.  My days are full to the brim unless, like yesterday, I lose one to a migraine.  On a typical day, I check my email, run my son to college, do some chores or attend an appointment, work in my journal, work on pieces for the show, pick up my son, fix dinner, do dishes and evening chores, snuggle the cats, watch a movie, work on some more stuff for my show, prep for Friday's art classes and generally fall into bed exhausted.  Until the show hangs in October, this will pretty much be my weekday routine. 


Unknown said…
Take good care of yourself. It's what we have to do I guess. As someone once told me "nobody is coming to do it for us." :o) Your beautiful hand made cards arrived today. I am over the moon. Thank you so very much. hugs, Donna