Birds on a Wire

The days have been flying by.  In between transportation duties associated with my son's schooling, a bad streak of migraines, teaching 36 young artists each Friday, doctors' appointments, and the seemingly endless work on canvases for my show, I try to remember to breathe and enjoy the lovely Indian summer we've been having here in extreme Northern California.

I've been trying for quite a awhile now to get a decent picture of this piece.  It is large - 2 feet by 3 feet - and thus awkward to photograph.  Plus, the fluid acrylics and matte medium I used give the piece a slight shine which further complicates my photo shoots.  I'm not 100% happy with the way this turned out but it is done and goes well with the rest of the work I've completed so I'm letting it go.  It turns out that I don't have to hang until sometime between October 5th and the 14th so I am cautiously optimistic that I will reach my goal of 25 pieces.  I'm pushing really, really hard and frankly, I'll be happy when they all go up on the wall and I can turn my attention to art strictly for my personal pleasure.  It will be a short rest as I have another show booked for January but still, it will be nice to be able to journal without constantly worrying about losing valuable studio time.


Cynthia said…
OK, just for the record. This one's my favorite. Shhh! Don't tell the others or it will be jealous. ;-)
Unknown said…
I'm afraid I have the same news for you. I think this is my VERY Favorite, but I must say it would be terribly hard to choose. They are just incredible! :o) Donna
Love the colors of the sky and birds make a perfect contrast. :)
Mandel said…
I am really impressed. I mean with how many different birds can one person come up?? You always manage to suprise me with an another new birdee :)
I especially love the colors on this background.
I absolutely love your birds.
Anonymous said…
This is quite a wonderful piece!
Terri Kahrs said…
L-O-V-E!!!!!! (Pure & Simple!!!) Hugs, Terri xoxo
milkcan said…
What a lovely piece!