Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Rooster Comes To Life

I thought I'd post an in-progress shot of the canvas I'm currently working on for my show.  I'm moving forward with this concept in spite of some reservations and I have to say that I actually like how this one is shaping up.  I'm working on an 18 by 18-inch canvas here and I am realizing that theme questions aside, this technique requires an almost perfect mix of fine and large motor skills.  The backgrounds are bright, colorful, abstract, created with big, broad strokes of the brush while the central image brings me in close to the surface, developing pattern pieces, tracing, cutting, collaging, doodling.  If I'm having a day where my hands are being uncooperative, I can simply paint canvas and still make progress on the series as a whole.  On good hand and head days, I can work on the intricate aspects of the piece a little at a time without losing my place or momentum if I take frequent breaks.  In addition, moving back and forth between these two different ways of working keeps me engaged in the project. Happy times! 


Lotus said...

Hey Michelle!
I've been wanting to comment on your posts, but Blogger won't let me!!!
I finally got a window today, so I'm gonna give it a try. I love this new canvas you're working on! The background is wonderful!

I also wanted to comment on working through pain. I do that also. I had surgery to replace two discs in my neck (C5/6, C6/7). I now have full use of my hand (THANK YOU GOD!), but I'm in perpetual pain through my shoulders, neck, shoulder blades, mid-back, forearms and migraines! Sigh....

Toss all this with a job working with the public... ; )
I'm thankful I have a job!

Keep up your wonderful work Michelle! I love your blog and read it everyday (or at least take a peek everyday to see if you posted!).

Take it easy

Anonymous said...

The process is very interesting. I didn't realize there was so much ink work to these, but now, seeing the paper that makes up the bird (or other image) I'm just amazed at how much work and talent is in each piece!

I love your work!


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