Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lost Coast Studio Saturday - It's About to Get Insanely Busy

The fade of summer 2011 into the soft recesses of my memory means that the time is near to get back into the chaos of a new school year.  There's quite a few fresh faces following my exploits here at Lost Coast Post so I'll give a quick and dirty lowdown:  I've regularly taught art classes to adults & kids since 2000 but in a sort of unplanned turn of events, I started teaching exclusively to kids from 2008 onward.  It isn't that I've lost interest in adult classes; in fact, I scheme about ways to get back to that all the time.  However, I developed a particular devotion to a small, local charter school and for the last six years, I've taught art there.  Unlike so many other schools who have been forced to cut art (and music and P.E.) classes, Laurel Tree has made a comittment to fund, entirely through fundraising & donations, one day a week completely devoted to the arts.  Every Friday, students get to take a wide variety of classes such as cooking, gardening, art, dance, PE, and music.  I have found that this yearly interaction with young souls infuses my artistic life with fresh passion and purpose.  

Middle school art journals 2010-2011
I primarily teach middle school students (5th through 9th) and every other year, I teach a class for high students needing the liberal arts units to satisfy graduation requirements.  This is a high school art year so in a couple of weeks, my life is going to get crazy busy.  I found out yesterday that I'll have 16 to 20 high school students - almost all of them boys - so that will be particularly challenging.  And about eight weeks after the start of the school year, I'll also have my usual contingent of middle school squirrels.  My lesson plans are still in development as I was waiting on these key pieces of information before moving forward.  I get free rein to teach whatever I can dream up while touching upon all the standards and over the years I've taught cartooning, art journaling, bookmaking, monster-making, and graphic design. 

So you'll be hearing lots about this adventure as the school year gets underway.  It always proves to be a wild ride!    


Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

We have that in common too Michelle! I taught kids & adults as well. In fact I was doing workshops for the BC Art Teacher's association at their Provincial events. I also taught regular teachers on their professional developement days. I've pretty much taught in every situation you can think of.

If I had a class full of teen boys, I think I'd introduce them to steam punk. I think they'd be all over that, as it's not necessarily girly and I could see them enjoying finding broken and rusted bits for their projects and canniblizing old watches and such for parts. They could walk about and look for stuff and I'd also teach them how to rust things using coke or salt and vinegar chips. I could see that being tons of fun.

Whimsical Folk Art Blog said...

If you did instructional videos on I would pay to learn to journal like you...I love it!

Andria said...

How wonderful to have found a school that values the arts to such a degree. Before staying home with my kids, I taught middle and high school students (history and language arts). I love those ages! Good luck with your preparations. The students' journals look amazing; I hope you will share more work as it develops over the year!

Terri Kahrs said...

Teaching the Arts and having those programs available to kids is sooooo important! Art was my very favorite class in school. (I hated gym class!)
No one remembers the names of the gladiators, but everyone remembers DaVinci and Michaelangelo, etc. Bravo, Michelle, for sharing your enthusiasm and talents!!! ♥ Hugs, Terri xoxo

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