Tuesday, August 16, 2011

After the Noise Dies Down, I Take a Deep Breath

The last few days have been very strange: lots of busyness without accomplishing much and maintenance on my apartment that frightened & confused the cats and overwhelmed my space with displaced stuff.  That's all over now and aside from just getting off the phone with 911 to report a assault-in-progress at an apartment across the parking lot, the evening is finally reaching an acceptable level of calm.  Overall, I love my apartment, positioned as it is up against a wildlife refuge, but the heat has been driving the neighbors a tad wacko in recent weeks.

Anyhow, I think I'm settling down and ready to move onward and upward.  I've somehow managed to keep up on my journaling while the hammering, sawing, and drilling was going around me and you'll see those pages later in the week.  I've also completed the backgrounds of several canvases for my show; they sit in the studio, each one waiting for its own collaged bird.  Sometimes I get really attached to the preliminary layers and I have to let them sit for awhile before I can cover them up with the next stage of the process.


  1. wow ..these are so vibrant and filled with joy..the colors are Delish..just love your style and choices...you inspire..!

  2. The backgrounds are works of art in themselves. Donna

  3. I know these are in their infancy stage for you Michelle, but they are quite beautiful already!
    Hopefully life resumes to a quiet hum for you soon. Sending you good thoughts.

  4. I understand the need to live with each step in the process. Your backgrounds are simply beautiful all by themselves! Can't wait to see the finished products though.


  5. These are looking amazing. Can't wait to see the finished products, although these are great in themselves.

  6. We need noise to hear the silence afterwards. Your backgrounds look swell being backgrounds, can't wait to see the filled ones...

  7. I love this series. You really have an ability to chose amazingly happy colors.
    Looking forwards to see the birds now :)

  8. Sounds like a lot of mayhem, Michelle, but you are maintaining an amazing level of productive calm in the midst of it. Your canvases are beautiful.


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