Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lost Coast Studio Saturday: Organizing Part 2

Today's Lost Coast Studio Saturday continues the organizing theme that I began in this post.  Here's some more ideas:
Since space is at a premium, I don't save any magazines.  Instead, I tear out the articles I think would be good to hang onto for future reference and then file those articles away in the appropriate binder.  I go through these binder periodically to purge stuff that I no longer want and to get fresh inspiration if I'm in a creative rut.  Images that I wish to save get stored in one of various morgue files scattered throughout the house.  (Remember - the most used stuff gets stored closest to me.)
I love collecting tins and storing supplies in them but as I acquired more and more tins, I found it hard to remember what was in each one.  So I used an awl and these metal frames from the scrapbooking department to label each tin.  Viola!  A pretty way to store things and no more having to take the tin down to find out what is tucked away inside.
I hang my large decorative paper in the hallway leading to the upstairs bathroom.  I just stack them and hang by bulldog clips.  This allows me to easily rifle htrough my collection to see what I have and the papers get to lie flat.
For the smaller pieces of handmade and decorative paper, I roll them and store in cans hung on the wall.  This makes another cool and practical display.
And one last tip...I have a lot of black spiral bound sketchbooks.  So that I can see which volume I want at a glance, I hang decorated round tags off the spiral.  This might seem like a small detail but it is an amazing time saver.

For a full tour of my upstairs work space, I've added a new set of pictures to my Flickr account.  Go here to check them out!  Happy organizing!


sharon said...

Everyday I am amazed more and more! I think your studio pictures and organization are just beautiful to my eyes!

Joyfulploys said...

Thanks for sharing your organization ideas. I'm a new fan of yours having only recently discovered your blog. I agree about buying the latest new artist tool that comes out...I was drawn into that when I first started dabbling into journals and mixed media. Thanks again,

indybev said...

I am amazed! You have managed to make organization a work of art in itself. Thanks SO much for sharing!

NuminosityBeads said...

Good paper storage ideas. I find that when i have stuff too well stashed out of site and unlabeled it turns to an explosive mess when I want to get to work. I need an organizational specialist like you to come to the rescue.
Now when I work with the torched glass I have much less problem or mess and everything knows where it lives as do I. Funny how the different mediums behave differently that way.
xoxo Kim

linda said...

Fabulous storage tips! Thanks for sharing. I love the one with the tags on journals, I have forever picking them up to see which one I want.

Andria said...

I enjoyed looking at all of the photos of your workspace...what an inspiration! I keep many of my magazines, but I also try to "downsize" by pulling pages and storing them in labeled file folders. Your binders look more fun, though! :-)

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