Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hand & Soul Studio News

My Etsy shop, Hand & Soul Studios, is once again full up with hand carved goodness for art journalists.  This now includes a set of weather icons which I created because I love to record the daily weather conditions in my journal but I don't want every entry to feature a repetitive synopsis of what it looks like outside.  Now I can stamp the appropriate icon on some aged sticker paper or vintage ledger paper, cut it out, and add it alongside my other (more interesting) thoughts.

And coming soon (probably in a day or so), four different sets of "prompt" stamps: little words to help title and describe particular types of journal entries.  They are completely carved but I still need to take pictures and upload all the information to Etsy. Edit:  These are now available in the shop!  After these, I'll probably take a break from carving partly because my hands need it but also because the carving material I use is out of stock.  A big thank you to everyone who has stopped by my shop to take a peek!

I'm slowly expanding the offerings at Hand & Soul Studios.  In early August, look for creativity kits filled with my hand painted papers.  And I'm contemplating adding background stamps to my stamp line (still in search for the perfect name!)  The big news is that I may be leaping back into the world of zine-making.  I'm not going to jump until I'm 100% percent sure I'm able to tackle such a project but the idea of a paper companion to Lost Coast Post has been percolating for a while.  I'll definitely be adding some original art for sale at the shop but I'll post more on that once the details settle in my consciousness.

Tomorrow, I'm finishing up my lettering segment for my July post series called "The Artist's Hand" AND next week is my birthday week so I'll be planning and scheming all weekend, trying to cook up a little celebration.  Sooo hopeful you'll join me!


Cynthia said...

I love the idea of weather icon stamps on your journal pages! What a fun way to add information. And your stamps are just perfect for that!

sharon said...

I guess I'll say it again....I love your work and I think you are brilliant!

Geri Centonze said...

Wonderful blog - beautiful work - thanks for joining artsee bloggers!

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