Monday, June 6, 2011

The Robot Fleet Advances: ICAD 3 through 6

Pitt pens, Microns, Crayola markers
Here's "cards" 3 through 6 for the Index Card-a-Day Challenge.  (For any and all questions about this summer challenge, head on over to Daisy Yellow.)

As a quick reminder, I have adapted this idea to fit my own needs.  I really wanted to focus on the "daily habit" aspect of this challenge; however, I just knew, given past experiences with "Do Something Every Day" experiments, that if the form is too limiting (i.e. inchies!), I tend to give up.  Index cards are ideal if you need to break through the notion of always having to make precious/perfect work and actually, index cards are sturdy enough to work for almost anything.  I do prefer to work on watercolor paper though so I cut up a bunch of large sheets, sticking with the standard index card size of 3 by 5 inches.

I also wanted to focus in on a few specific skills like illustration, shading work, and watercolor.  I loved creating all these little 'bots and if I thought I had 90 robots blueprints in me, I'd keep going but to avoid burnout, I'm going to switch topics every seven days.  In case you want to play along, next up for me (June 8-13): "Under the Big Top."

This post will go live about the same time I'm off to dreamland in the operating room so I've got to recover from surgery a bit.  I'm taking a brief blog break until June 9th if all goes as planned.  Hopefully after the first day or so, I'll feel well enough to sit and doodle.  See you all back here on the flip side...


  1. Sending you lots of healing thoughts, Michelle! I hope the surgery goes well and that recovery is quick!

  2. I am sending best wishes for a successful surgery and a quick recovery!

  3. I love the robot cards. That is all. :)


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