Thursday, June 9, 2011


Gold star for anyone who can identify what movie I'm watching here!
Well, following foot surgery on Monday morning, I've been trying to confine myself to the couch, foot elevated and old science fiction movies on TV.  It is a tougher gig than it looks.  I've discovered that I'm quite the wiggly worm when told to stay put. 

So I've been walking on it way more than I should but crutches are barely helpful (too many hand surgeries and too little upper body strength.)  The bottom of my foot is completely black & blue so I can only put weight on it if I turn it to the side.

I've been doing a little doodling here and there for the Index Card-a-Day challenge but other than that, it has been quiet in the studio.  I'm hoping my recovery will pick up steam over the next week.  Anyway, just wanted to pop in and let all my well wishers know that I'm doing OK and that I deeply appreciate your supportive comments!   


Snowbrush said...

No, I don't recognize the movie.

Glad you made it home again, kiddo.

Daisy Yellow said...

Best wishes - hoping that markers + index cards help in your recuperation!

Terri Kahrs said...

Two words . . . "Art Heals!"!!! At least it DOES make the soul feel better. Hope that you're hobbling around without pain. I'm thinking "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"????? Love Jimmy Stewart! Hugs and tons of get well wishes! Terri xoxo

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