Monday, June 27, 2011

More Boogie Journal Tips

Photo is hinged...Shown closed...and next pic, shown open...
WhooHoo!  Can you tell I have been dancing the days away in my Full Tilt Boogie journal!?  Although it may seem like more as I bombard the blog with pictures, in reality, I'm doing just a single spread a day.  It is an intriguing experience as I play with a variety of surfaces and try out new things while trying to stay true to who I am as a journaler.  Here's some more things I've observed as I have progressed:
* Listen to your gut.  If you are digging through your scrap pile and something seems pleasing at first glance, use it!  Mary Ann calls it "listening to voices."  I find that the "voices" aren't always so specific with me as sometimes I pick something up and while it is cool, it doesn't always work for the page I'm currently constructing.  I've learned to shuffle through my pages and try out my scrap on other pages.  I almost always find a home for my treasure in that manner.

* Don't be afraid to change your mind midstream; that's what adhesives are for...

* Don't get locked in to the structure you set up during journal construction.  Just because you added in a short/tall/wide/narrow page at the outset, doesn't mean you can't alter it later.  Hack stuff off.  Add stuff on.  This seems like an obvious observation but I discovered that I had to fight the feeling that I had to commit to the pages as they occurred.
* If you get stuck on a page, move on and embellish the next spread.  A solution will occur to you when you're not thinking so hard.

* Don't get fatigued.  I am finding that working "process first" is actually more tiring than starting with a concrete idea and proceeding to an end product.  I think it is because I'm so much more excited; I burn through my energy reserves faster.  Force yourself to take (non-art) breaks so you can ration the adrenalin.
* Separate work and gathering time.  If you need to look for something or want to refresh your scrap pile, do it before you sit down to journal.

I hope these tips are helpful regardless of the type of journal you use.  If you have any specific questions about my Boogie journals (or my other journals for that matter,) please feel free to send me an email (address in the sidebar) or add a comment to this post.
Happy journaling!


  1. Thank yu so much for the tips... they really do help. Some times the most obvious soultions are the hardest to come by.

  2. I've fallen hopelessly in love with your pages! *sigh* They're fabulous!!

  3. Lots and lots of fun eye candy in your journal, Michelle! Barbara said it best, they ARE "Fabulous"!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. Yes ... your pages are over the moon! You are definitely a mad woman ... but DON'T STOP! Great to watch. See you in class. Donna

  5. Absolutely stunning pages! Just wowza!

  6. Love, love, love your journals so don't stop posting pictures! I stumbled across your blog through FTB and I really enjoy it. Thanks for the journaling tips, they are nice to have for us newbies!


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