Friday, June 24, 2011

How to Boogie Journal

I am sooo happy with my latest journaling experiment!  Full Tilt Boogie journals feature mixed paper signatures so when I sit down to work, I have to constantly switch up my approach: sometimes I have old book pages to work on, sometimes scrapbook paper, watercolor paper, ledger paper, the backs of keeps things challenging.  Along the way, I'm learning some things:
  • Use a select pile of scraps, NOT everything you have.  The scraps left over from journal construction are especially important because with such varied surfaces it is essential to:
  • REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT!  By repeating materials throughout the journal, a consistent, unified look can be achieved.  This can mean you repeat a set of tapes, lettering styles, stamps, papers, colors and so on.
  • Sometimes you add space in a spread; sometimes you cover up.
  • Not every page needs journaling.  I am especially in love with some of the posters I've included in this journal so on those pages, I don't add a lot more.
  • Gather your pile of goodies before you sit down to work.  You get better results and enjoy the process a bunch more if you're not stopping every five minutes to get something.  And I know from long experience that those "brief" gathering breaks can lead to lots of wasted time as other stuff is rediscovered.
  • Keep the hand of the artist present.  You went through all this trouble to create a journal from scratch, why not do the same on the inside?  Use hand carved stamps, your own handwriting, random painting & doodles, tear rather than cut - these journals beg you to interact with them so do it!


  1. Loving this journal! What a wonderful spread! Good advice too, thank you!

  2. I'm just getting started on FTB and really appreciate the advice. Your journal looks amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Great Boogie Journaling tips!!!

  4. LOVE* LOVE* LOVE your journal! Great tips, too!

  5. I hope you are feeling better, Michelle. Your journal spreads are lovely. Thanks for the tips about the journaling process. I think need to put a double star next to a few of these as reminders :)

  6. I've been really drawn to these types of journals I've been seeing--from FTB posts, and Remains of the Day posts,etc. And I was just thinking today that it might be tough to actually journal on the pages, but how fun to collect all those different papers into a book. But you give really good advice here; I can see now how it can be a truly viable journal.

  7. Everything about this journal is FABULOUS, Michelle! Awesome tips for doing ANY kind of journaling!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  8. Great tips Michelle! Love your FTB journal. I'll be working on mine this week.

  9. Michelle, I enjoyed visiting here today having seen you as a guest on Julie Fei Fan Balzer's web site today. You have an abundance of goodness here. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I loved Mary Anne's FTB class too! have only succeeded in making one journal, but totally agree about having to 'respond' to the page...your pages are gorgeous!


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