Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Changing How I Document My Days

Work inside my first Boogie journal continues:  Shown from top to bottom are three days' worth of spreads from June 27 through the 29th.  I've been having a lot of fun pushing the boundaries of what I typically do with my visual journals.

I've never really been the type for a "catch all" journal.  In fact, I suppose some would say I obsessively compartmentalize - one journal for daily diary stuff, another for character creation & storytelling, yet another for "affirmational" work and dozens of plain spiral-bound books for sketches, creative writing, and project planning.  As I work through this new style of journal, I realize that my illustration work has to stay separated in my faithful black sketchbooks.  For that, I need a simple, consistent format.

However, these Boogie journals are inspiring me to add a little bit of everything alongside my daily musings and observations: a little poetry, some illustrations, hand lettering, altering, collage...basically whatever tickles my fancy in the moment.  All that random stuff may seem disjointed and unconnected but I am working under some self-imposed supply limitations to keep that feeling to a minimum.

And most importantly, I'm just playing!  I'm also not known for my spontaneity but I am working hard at listening to my gut and just moving forward with my first impulse.  It is good for the soul and honestly, I have plenty of other journals and projects where I can plan things down to the last, itty bitty detail.  


  1. Just wandered over from FTB ... Michelle, your journal is amazing. Keep on experimenting with your new approach. You are obviously on the right track. I love it. Donna

  2. LOVE your pages! Your style shines!

  3. your pages are just fab as I look through the blog! wo what colour what style! love it!

  4. Wow! I love your journal pages and will return often for inspiration

  5. Such luscious eye candy, Michelle! You are inspiring me. I, too, have a tendency to get caught up in my own version of "perfection" and "detail". Just "playing" sounds like a lot of fun. I've got a new journal, and I think it's time to try a new style. Hugs, Terri xoxo


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