Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Art Is a Wilderness

Journal page from April 8, 2011
I am pausing the whirlwind of my life to check in and shout out here at Lost Coast Post.  I am in the middle of a perfect storm of life circumstances, decisions and events that have me blowing from one project or comittment to the next and back again whenever I feel well enough to do so.

I'm having my ninth surgery in a little over a month (left foot again!), my son is in his last four weeks of spring semester, and I've got four more teaching Fridays before I'm also done for the summer.  Lots to do and that just scratches the surface...

Art is a wilderness for me right now as I try to reconcile current loves (painting, journaling) with past obsessions (bookmaking, polymer clay) and new fascinations (anything to do with sewing & fabric.)  I feel a huge, monumental shift occuring and I still don't know where it will all end up.  I have a show scheduled to open in October and I'm no closer to knowing its theme or content than when I booked it last year.  Another facet of my artistic career is set to debut in late May and I'll post more details on that as they crystallize for me in the next couple of weeks.  Work on that particular endeavor is actually progressing well, even with frequent breaks to manage my health issues.

Thanks to all who continue to follow Lost Coast Post as its resident artist finds her way in fits and starts.  Your faithful support and sweet commentary is more appreciated than you know.  As the next few weeks unfold, I expect things to pick up momentum and clarity so I hope you all will accompany me on this ride.  If you are more inclined to brief snapshots and snippets of my days, you are invited to check out my Twitter feed.  Either way, thank you from the bottom of my crazy little heart...  

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  1. I'm here from Julie's (I liked your comment about throwing the poor under the bus), although I think I must have surely visited you before.

    I'm up to fifteen surgeries now, with the three hardest ones being on my shoulders. I had my last one on Friday, and will be typing is a sling for six months before I can even begin building my strength back. I wish you the best with your foot.


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