Monday, March 7, 2011

Just Be You (Runny Nose and All)

Yesterday, I literally sat and stared at this yellow background for an hour and a half, uninspired and distracted by the intense pain in my face (thank you sinus infection!)  Slack-jawed, with eyes tearing up from the pressure, I just sat there, vainly trying to summon something - anything - to the page.  Checked my temperature...yup, running hot...damn!  Still, I sat there, trying to be just as stubborn and unrelenting as the obstacle I was fighting.

Now I don't always push back so hard against health issues.  There are times to be flexible and there are times to be unyielding.  I wanted to do some art, plain and simple, and in truth, I was actually sort of angry that some stupid bacterium was getting in my way.  So I was trying to stick it out even though head pain is my primary dealbreaker when it comes to art-making.  And for that hour and a half, I was at a physical and creative standstill.

Finally, a bit of inspiration made it past my angry sinuses and I began to paint.  This colorful fellow is the result.  The page itself isn't anything groundbreaking and I'm not sure I even like this image.  But I am happy that I was able to create a little something to soothe my soul.  Those pesky bacteria are still kicking my ass but I am hopeful that the antibiotics will soon start kicking right back.  So remember: healthy or hurting, the best you can do is to just be you!


Terri Kahrs said...

Although you were in a world of hurt when you created this little guy, I adore him!!! Time and a bit of healing will change your mind about him, Michelle. Hugs, Terri xoxo

PS I LOVE your "critters"!!!

indybev said...

This guy has attitude! I love him. When your headache goes away you will too! Thanks for sharing. Hope you're feeling better.

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