Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

This journal page, from November 6th of last year, served no greater purpose than giving me a reason to paint a disapproving bunny...I'm playing around with cartooning & illustration a lot more and my journals are becoming a breeding ground for all sorts of characters and critters.

I've been riding the migraine rollercoaster again since the first of the month so for the next couple of weeks, my entries here at LCP will probably be more imagery than words as I can only stand the white glare of Blogger's posting page for a limited amount of time before I need to retreat back into the shadows.  Ah well!  Things will eventually settle down and I'll regain my artistic momentum.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!


Nan said...

Hi Michelle
I've enjoyed looking around your blog so much. I started on Scarlet Lime and went to Julie's journal blog and your thumbnail was the one I clicked on. And so glad I did. I deal with physical issues as well and I am amazed at all the wonderful art you've made despite the pains. Your inchie journal is very inspiring to me also. Smiles, Nan

Sarah Knight said...

Cute composition!
I hope the headache subsides. Sometimes, and this may seem dorky, but if I'm at the computer too long but I *have* to finish something I will actually just use a pair of sunglasses. Every year I go out and buy a pair with lenses that aren't too darkly tinted - so they're just dark enough to dampen the glare of the screen.
: )

Luthien said...

hi Michelle :)
that must be the cutest disapproving bunny i've ever seen!!! :) working my way to your OWOH post here :)
luthien :)

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