Monday, January 24, 2011

Simply Glorious

It is a simply glorious morning here on the Lost Coast!  I woke up without a migraine (for the second day in a row!) so in celebration, I laced up my walking shoes, grabbed my camera and headed out into the sunshine.  My apartment complex is bordered by miles of pasture land that only occasionally hosts cows.  A meandering creek bisects the field and this marshy domain has been turned into a protected wildlife refuge.  And this time of year, these grasslands become an enormous buffet for thousands upon thousands of Canadian geese taking a break from spring migration to build up their fat reserves.  They drift in bit by bit all morning, one noisy V-formation at a time.  Once they land, the birds waste no time, gazing voraciously and moving across the field like so many feathered lawn mowers.  They cackle and call to each other all day while they eat but nothing compares to lift-off at sunset.  The entire flock takes flight en masse as the sky grows orange, the honking of thousands of birds signaling the end of the day.  Every evening, I am treated to this spectacle and the wonder of it never ceases to draw me to the balcony as witness.


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