Sunday, January 2, 2011

Challenge Check-In: Starting Small

Every Sunday, I am going to log into Lost Coast Post and ramble on a bit about what I did during the week for the challenges I have undertaken for 2011.  I'm calling it "Challenge Check-in" and it really is just a reminder for myself of how the week unfolded.  Very often, I minimize my accomplishments so I think seeing it in print throughout the year will keep me engaged in my creative life and remind me that, in spite of obstacles that regularly interfere with my plans, I actually get quite a bit done.  

Obviously, the year is still young.  I spent the weekend preparing (and then beginning) a journal that will be my "daily diary" for 2011.  I keep lots and lots of journals (more on that in a post later this week) but I have found that I really enjoy having a journal that I write in a teeny bit each day.  I've kept such a journal before for about a two year period but I skipped all of 2010.  I discovered that I missed it so off I go again.  This year, I'm also going to attempt to add in a calendar challenge but no promises on how long I'll stick with it.

Morning journal in progress
 When I work in this type of journal, it's like doing mini "morning pages," although I will write my daily blurb whenever it suits me.  I will often note how I'm feeling that morning, what the weather is like, what errand or appointment is occupying my thoughts in that moment.  I don't write much, just enough to generate a snapshot of the day for posterity. Often, I will incorporate small doodles, collage, or stickers.  Time, interest, energy, and/or health permitting, I will work in other journals as well during the day but I make a point of trying to never skip the diary.  Every page in the journal (spiral bound, cold press paper) is prepared with watercolors in advance so all I have to do in sit down, write, and play.  This way of journaling guarantees that I devote a few minutes every day to creativity.  Sometimes, the morning journal serves as a jumpstart to bigger and better things; sometimes, that paragraph I write is the sum total of my artistic efforts for that day.  Either way, the ritual comforts and anchors me.  


Terri Kahrs said...

Awesome post and so timely! This year I've decided to keep a calendar journal and just posted the blank on on my blog. I've done it with the hope of keeping it going all year. Hugs, Terri xoxo

indybev said...

I started keeping a diary/visual journal about 3 years ago, and am on Journal 18 at the moment. Addition of a bit of art, a doodle, or some visual element makes a diary much more interesting, and leaves you free to write only a line or two if you wish. I look forward to your Challenge Check-ins! Thanks for sharing.

roc said...

i love keeping my calendar journal. it's small enough to not take too much time to write something. i hope you can post some of your pages during the year.

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