Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lost Coast Studio Saturdays Begin

I'm going to try out a new regular feature here at LCP called Lost Coast Studio and (at least to start) it will post on Saturdays.  I'm going to aim for every Saturday but let's see how I do 'cause you know things can tend to get a little wild in my corner of the universe...The content will vary from week to week: musings on storage solutions, creative block, prompts and/or challenges, tutorials (please Santa - bring a video camera this year!?!?), product and book reviews - whatever might be cluttering up my brain as I sit in my studio on Saturday mornings.  Hopefully, most everyone will find something useful, enlightening and/or just plain curious in my ramblings...

Today, we're peeking into my sketchbooks to see what I've been up to recently.  I've kept informal sketchbooks long before I ever became interested in art journaling.  I generate lists of random thoughts, focus on research for projects and assignments, write-up lesson plans, and make oodles of doodles for show/product/business scheming, visual daydreaming, and cartooning.  I have a lot of these sketchbooks as I love to compartmentalize content: one book for cartooning in pen & ink, one for painted doodles, one for art show stuff and so on.  My watercolor class has renewed my interest in cartooning and character development so I've been working in this particular watercolor sketchbook rather enthusiastically.  For some reason, I have people heads and woodland creatures on the brain so I am sort of rocketing back and forth between the two subjects (next week it may be a totally different tangent.)  However, I am trying to develop a little more discipline when it comes to cartooning by creating model and expression sheets of individual characters.  Model sheets are great for breaking the habit of having a drawing always cemented in that ubquitious full frontal pose; for more dynamic characters, turn those doodles to the side, make 'em dance or crouch - anything to get them moving!  I also like to take notes on colors I've used or style choices that work (or not).  Eventually, I hope I can make this approach to sketching an ingrained habit as I think my cartooning will improve in leaps and bounds with the addition of a little discipline.

Well, there you have it...Lost Coast Studio - Week One.  Hope your weekend is full of creative energy and inspiration!  And if you have anything in particular you'd like me to ramble on about in a Saturday post, pop it into a comment...    


  1. Always good to take a peek into someones sketchbooks. Having a sleepy Saturday today, think my brain is hibernating.


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