Monday, October 4, 2010

Lux and Rebellion

"Autumn Lux"
watercolor; 10"x14"
(Insert heavy sigh here)  For the past month, I've been fully ensnared in the college homework, housing inspection/paperwork and art teaching schedule that seems to consume my every waking minute.  The only art I've been doing is during my "Techniques in Watercolor" class and since the start of the term, that work has been focused on the basics such as brush handling, washes, glazing, mixing and color wheel construction and use.  It is useful information but is largely review for me.  I am eager to push the paint into new frontiers and it is only in the last two sessions that we have been allowed to play a bit with assignments that require a bit more imagination.

However, even these most recent painting lessons have been accompanied by restrictions and I have discovered that I am chafing against any sort of rules laid down with the best of intentions by my instructor.  In the piece I present to you today, we were asked to work with a palette limited to yellows and reds (and of course any mixes derived from those).  We were asked to specifically avoid colors from the cool hemisphere of the color wheel.  Well, you guessed it!  I'm one of those students; I just can't help myself.  Here on the Lost Coast, green maintains a strong presence, even in the depths of winter.  And I love those leaves caught in between the glory days of summer and the cool release of fall.  My muse tried really hard to please the professor - honest.  But muses being what they are, I defiantly crossed into the forbidden zone and stole away with a dash of deep, rich phthalo green.  Sorry, Professor Silver.  It is what it is and I love it.


  1. This is awesome, Michelle! I love your use of color and the dimension that you achieved! Looks to me like you don't need any lessons!

  2. Really beautiful!!!!

  3. I always knew that you were a bit of a rebel, Michelle!!! To be honest, I'd have added a bit of green myself!!!! Your watercolor is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxox

  4. What it is is really gorgeous! I love the tiny addition of green....good for you!


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