Saturday, November 7, 2009

What I Learned This Week

  • Sometimes a week is clearly defined by one, simple overriding principle: "What was I thinking??!?"
  • Attempting two shadow puppet, ad-libbed productions of The Wizard of Oz in three weeks' time definitely rates several "What was I thinking??!?" moments...maybe a lifetime's worth...
  • Attempting said production with 45 middle school monkeys with rather sketchy memories of the Judy Garland classic is even crazier...
  • "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is hilarious when sung by a middle school boy who doesn't know the lyrics...
  • When allowing students to improvise, be prepared say "Keep it appropriate" about a billion times.
  • Ghetto scarecrows, zombie tin men and cross-dressing lions may show up during improvisation...stay calm...  
  • Post-teaching beverages should have an alcoholic content of some kind...sigh!


  1. Your nutty week with the monkeys made for a very, very entertaining post!!! Cross dressing lions . . . inappropriate improvisations . . . ad-libbed shadow puppet productions . . . OH MY!!! Bet they had a ton of fun and will remember this production for a lifetime! Hugs & Love, Terri xoxo

  2. Sounds very entertaining to me Michelle!! You have a constant supply of fresh ideas at hand all the time! Love your media piece today too!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Michelle. I remember when mine were in middle school -- that neverland between child and adult. My house was a sort of "mission control" for my son's friends (half-done men with changing voices) and for my daughter's friends (budding women full of giggles). I have tremendous admiration for the teachers who deal with this age. It sounds as if your classes are allowed to develop their creative sides. Good for you!!!

  4. You manage to conjure up a wonderful picture of your week - hope you've got your feet up with a large glass of something soothing.


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