Monday, November 16, 2009

Seeing & Searching

Well, I've decided to publish through the weekend to make up for some of the days I missed during the week.  In accordance with "Art Every Day Month," I've been doing a little bit of art each day no matter how I feel or how busy I am; I just don't always have time or energy left over for blogging.  But when I fail to blog, I miss you, dear readers, and your witty, funny, supportive commentary and so Lost Coast Post is going to try and resume a regular publishing schedule in spite of the chaos that has swirled in with the autumn winds.

As you can see from the above journal page, I continue to shamelessly indulge my Zettiology passion.  The incomparable Bea of Dog in the Hole Studio suggested a Zetti alter-ego as a vehicle for riding this wave of Teesha Moore-inspired art and I just think that is a fabulous idea.  I am currently auditioning characters in my brain and we'll see who comes out on top.  I want to be able to pursue my joy for Zetti without guilt over neglecting the other art styles and mediums I also love.  Of course the guilt is all self-manufactured but there nonetheless and I find that it is putting a damper on the merry-making.  And I feel like there is lots of merry-making to be done.  The world of Zetti is seemingly infinite, bounded only by the limits of imagination, and I want to spend plenty of time skipping through it, no matter what the art pundits say about imitation and originality.  Surely something that makes my heart sing can't be all bad.


  1. I, for one, love to hear and see your heart singing!!! Each new piece from you is so incredible Michelle!

  2. Well, BLUSH, somebody actually LISTENED TO ME! lolololsnort
    You know, my first "zetti character" was a strange man/woman Zetti called Zettiago. He/she/it was freeing but a little weird.
    Z'Corkey came ON HIS OWN as yours will too. His name popped into my head. I didn't want to use it I mean what kind of a name is Corkey!
    He was determined to be named that.
    I think I actually have the first ATC where he appeared, or the name did. :)Bea

  3. Sorry, I do tend to ramble on. I also wanted to say I love your journal page. I love the color, the subject matter and even the journal writing which I did try to read.
    Conside blogging part of your creative art for the day, too. When you don't blog YOU are missed. :)Bea

  4. Shameless indulgence SUITS you, Michelle, and pleases your visitors too. When your heart is singing, we're a rapt audience! Can't wait to see more, because THIS page is awesome! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. this page is really zinging - so full of energy.

  6. This is a wondrous page. Zetti makes my heart sing too. So far I have limited my zettifying pretty much to the Crowabout group, and I look forward to doing a zetti every week. It's such creative freedom and fun! Let your heart sing, Michelle!


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