Thursday, November 19, 2009

Miss Frankenstein

This piece is 9 by 12 inches in real life so there's a tiny bit of clipping going on in the scan but I think you get the idea.  It might not be finished so I am letting it percolate in my brain awhile before I call it good.  (I think it might need some text.)  These are pretty fun to do desite some tediousness.  I'm trying to decide if I want the top coat to be beeswax or simply a high gloss varnish.  I'm also going to play around with a more deliberate layout of the pieces, different "mosaic" materials other than photocopies of old journal pages and pondering the use of 3-D embellishments like keys, washers, rhinestones and so on.  My studio is filled to bursting with whatnots and whatits and I'd love to have a series that starts to make use of all that I've collected.  When I'm working, however, I tend to get stuck on a look and fail to stray much from the formula, even if that formula was created in the first couple of pieces.  I need more of a mad scientist mentality when it comes to my art.  I have all sorts of wild ideas but stop short of bringing them to life.  A fear of failure definitely comes into play but wow!  Soooo time to get over that!  I need to learn to throw the switch and see what happens!  Sounds like a good resolution for the new year...


  1. I can't believe that you suffer from the same disease - "Fear of Failure"! You'd NEVER know it from looking at your body of work, Michelle. Frankly, I admire your ability to try new styles; yet, you always have a way of making your own style shine through - no matter what the piece.

    I must say, I ADORE this piece. And yes, percolate away!!! 3D elements . . . hmmmmmm . . . . what an interesting twist! Love & Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. I also adooore this piece, and I too suffer from the same disease...FOF!
    I think it comes with age, at least for me. I say go for the 3d also, I think it could only enhance the beauty of what you do. Remember, we see it differently than you do, and ALL of your pieces are masterpieces Michelle!

  3. I find that I tend to use what is within arms length when I am working. So "change it up" on your work table. Scatter some of those what if's, what nots, thingamagigs around you so that when you are working you can finger them, play with them until they tell you where they want to go. :)Bea

  4. It's such fun seeing these pages evolve, and hearing your thoughts as they do. I love everything you do, Michelle, and I'm anxious to see the 3-D pieces! Sounds like a great idea to me.

  5. What a beautiful creation, so much to see, wonderful colors, really great, my compliments!

    And there are so many more great creations on your blog, super!!

  6. What a fantastic piece! Found you here through Amusing Muses... love your work ~ Deb


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